Homestead Tours & Safaris, Soroti

Margeret Stevens writes

A  paragraph about HOMESTEAD TOURS was included in your 8th Edition, on page 278, for which we are very grateful. However, there have been significant changes and developments since then.

Homestead Tours was originally set up and registered as a CBO (Community Based Organisation) by Teso Educational Support Services, (aka TESS – based in Teso at Kapir on the main road between Kumi and Soroti) as an income-generating project to benefit both the local community and TESS. However, when a new UK Board of Trustees took over in 2014, the first thing they did was to cut off Homestead Tours which went into abeyance for a while.

It has now been taken over and developed by Ben Ejadu and renamed HOMESTEAD TOURS AND SAFARIS, which is now a registered company in Uganda. The contact details have changed and a new website ( is in the process of being developed.

Address: HOMESTEAD TOURS AND SAFARIS, Old Mbale Road, Pamba, Soroti


Emails: and

Phone numbers: +256 702 475 378 and +256 773 521 380

Ben Ejadu (the new Owner and Director of Homestead Tours and Safaris) comes from Teso and is working with local communities in Teso to develop tourism. Ben trained in Natural Resources Management, majoring in Wildlife Management. He worked as a Ranger Guide for 15 years with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) before leaving to develop HTS.

We believe Homestead Tours and Safaris is a unique tour operator in Uganda for various reasons:
– it is opening up the potential for tourism in Teso and therefore offering tourists exciting alternative routes to explore the National Parks and Reserves and other wonderful destinations in the east and north of Uganda which (apart from Murchison Falls NP) have been largely ignored by all other Ugandan and international tour operators. MFNP is not visited as much as the QENP, for instance, and yet it is arguably the best Park in Uganda. Even the Bradt Guide says little about the eastern regions compared with the rest of Uganda! See:
– Teso offers exceptional birding opportunities, which HTS specialises in. (See:

– We offer opportunities to combine VOLUNTEERING with exploring National Parks and other highlights in eastern and northern Uganda. (See:
– We offer unique opportunities for tourists visiting Teso for Community and Cultural Tourism, including Homestays (, with a wide range of activities to choose from.

As we say on the website: “Uganda was once off the tourist trail because of civil war under Amin and Obote from 1971-1985, during which time Kenya and Tanzania developed and captured the tourist market – it has taken years for people to start exploring Uganda again.

“The same thing has happened with northern and eastern Uganda – they are off the tourist map because of past conflicts! But the northern and eastern regions of Uganda have been stable and peaceful for ten years, so now is the time to start exploring this part of Uganda again as it has so much to offer.

“Tourists only think about visiting southern and western Uganda for viewing animals and birds. We hope this website will give you a glimpse of all the wonderful things you can see and experience by travelling eastwards from Entebbe and Kampala, then north to Teso and westwards to Murchison Falls (and so many other places) – as well as getting away from thousands of other tourists!”

We believe that Bradt can do so much to advertise and encourage tourists to explore alternative routes and holidays in eastern and northern Uganda, by publicising (both in the next edition of the Uganda Guide Book and on the Updates website) all that is unique about what the eastern regions have to offer. We would like to see the many opportunities, facilities and wonderful experiences being properly recognised and developed – for the benefit of tourists and the local communities.


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