New online climbing and hiking guides to Uganda

Matt Battani writes

After almost four years of exploring Uganda and months of writing, I have finally completed my rock climbing and hiking guide to the country.

This content is never before published and was compiled over countless road trips, expeditions, wrong turns and rural adventures. The whole process was very rewarding, arduous, and never, ever dull!

My main aim with the book is to give something back to Uganda for giving me a warm home these past four years. Tourism in the country is very undeveloped, yet has much to discover and an excellent vibe. Trips here cost very little if you “go local” and explore off the beaten track adventures. As Uganda experienced only a “light touch” of colonialism, you can get a truly authentic experience here as much traditional culture remains largely intact.

Here is the link to my rock climbing guidebook:

I have identified 30 locations up from ten that were previously known. This is all the known rock climbing in the country.

Here are the links to my two hiking collections. There are simply too many excellent hikes in Uganda to document. I have included 14 of the best.
I’ll put these together with the climbing book and print in one volume.

Inside the Parks Hikes:

Outside the Parks:

All the content above contains gpx files so the rocks and trails are easy to find and follow. I’ve added topos for all the climbs and trail maps for all the hikes.

This content is free to all, printable on pdf and also on smartphone apps. I will print the guidebook later this year and plan to put it on bookstore shelves as well.

Everything I have focused on is entirely free content. No one should be charged or excluded.

Also, the content can be downloaded and works offline with your GPS, so lack of cell reception is no problem. Finally, the hiking app, through ViewRanger, has a buddy beacon system which can be activated in case of emergencies and there are many other cool features for power users of these databases.


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