Kivanda-Mityana Martyrs Shrine, Mityana

Jozef writes:

A few weeks ago when visiting the Tanda Pits along the Kampala – Fort Portal road, I stopped at Mityana town center. By chance, I saw a signboard: Kivanda-Mityana Martyrs Shrine. I drove down a tree-ined road and found a pleasant church compound with unusual modern architecture (for Uganda).

There was not much explanation nor people to find; only a few kids hanging around. Aside from the church, there is an old graveyard, a chapel and a convent. An internet search afterwards led me to its website, which explains that it was the main church of the Kivanda-Mityana Catholic Diocese, built at the place where Saint Noa Mawaggali, one of the first Ugandan converts to Christianity, was murdered by the then king of Buganda. For the pilgrims passing Fort Portal – Kampala road this must be an important stop. It even has its own Facebook page




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