Kampala and Tororo updates

Stefanie writes:

Thank you very much for your travel book. It helped us a lot to find our way around in Uganda.

I would like to add some new information:


We went to the craft market in Buganda Road, in front of Plot 18.
It is a wonderful small market, where you can buy all kind of african souvenirs (drums, paintings, figures of the tipical african animals, clothes…).
Just in front you find a delicious cafe called “1000 cups”. They have very good Ugandan coffee and other delicous drinks and food.

As well in Kampala we went to a show in Ndere Cultural Center.
They have a show on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, where they perform african music and dances. A very funny man leads all guests through the show and at the end we have all been dancing together. This was an unforgetable moment!



You have been writing that there is no bus between Kampala and Tororo. We found a bus that is leaving every day at 6.30 a.m. from Tororo and at 1.30 p.m. from Kampala. Gateway bus services, tel. 0778 092178.

We have been missing one more thing in Uganda: A tourism project that enables tourists to share life in a hut. We got to know somebody in Tororo, who is now engaging in building up a project like this. His name is Otim, he speaks perfect English. He will propose to tourists a stay in a guest hut and introduce them to gardening, cooking on fire, building a hut, constructing an instrument. His number is 0779 757007



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