Mount Elgon trip report


Wil Resing writes:

I did an Elgon trek in February 2015. Five days, dry weather, hardly anyone in the huge national park. No tents needed. On page 266 you wrote “Once on the trail there is only hut for hikers …”. But I have seen the Sasa Camp hut (looked new, but it was closed), and we passed 3 nights at the Mude hut and one night at Tutum Cave hut. Very basic but ok with your own sleeping bag and mattress. Schedule:

Day 1 : Budadiri (1250m), motorbike taxi to Bumasola, 1770 m. Start trek at 9.40. 13.20 arrive at Sasa River Camp, 2900m. Left at 14.50. Arrival Mude Cave Camp at 17.45, 3500m. In total 1730 meters up. Distance 11 km. (Sasa Trail)

Day 2: Left Mude Camp at 7.20. Caldera crossing. Arrival at hot springs at Kenya border at 12.05. Departure at 13.05. Back at Mude at 17.30. Distance 25 km.

Day 3: Left Mude at 7.17. Via Jacksons Pool (4050 m) to Wagagai (4321), arrival at 11.12. Down and then side trip up to Jacksons Peak (4165m). Back at Mude at 14.45. Distance 17 km.

Day 4: Left Mude at 7.18. Via Mubiyi summit  (4210m) to Kajere Camp (3383) for lunch, arrival 13.13, departure 14.02. Arrival Tutum Cave Camp (2667m ) at 18.13. Distance 34 km. More than 10 hours hike.  Sipi Trail

Day 5: Left Cave Camp at 8.18. 11 km hike down to Exploration Centre Kapkwai (where we received a nice Elgon certificate). 13 o’clock arrival at Sipi River Lodge. Distance 17 km.

All in all 104 km. Long days, but not especially difficult.


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