ViaVia Travellers Café, Entebbe

Pieter & Lobke of ViaVia Travellers Café, Entebbe write:

We proudly wanted to inform you that we opened a new hotspot in Entebbe: TRCompanion in Rwanda has now relocated to Entebbe as ViaVia Travellers Café.
VisVia is located on Kisalu Road, close to the airport, and has 9 rooms available for clients. There is also a dormitory and a dazzling garden where you can pitch a tent or park your overland truck. Price for a double room (B&B) is 50 or 70 USD, dormitory 15 USD and camping 7 USD.
Contact details as as follows:
Tel: +256778686983 (Lobke) / +256778686911 (Pieter)

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