Jinja, Mbale & Mt Elgon updates

Thanks to my co-author Andrew Roberts for these latest updates:
The Deli has moved to a new site at the western end of Main Street. The new location, which is part of the Post Office building, has a large street frontage which is obviously the place for local expats and volunteers to hang out.  They do superb steak and kidney pies.
Also worth a look is the new Igar restaurant, also on Main Street, a slick new set up modeled on the likes of the Café Java and Java House franchises.
Java House has also reached Jinja, or at least the Bujagali/Shell station roundabout on the bypass, occupying a bland and Java-branded structure on the site of the brilliantly incongruous Chinese pagoda building occupied by Ling Ling restaurant.
Ling Ling has moved 500m down Clive Road towards town, just beyond the railway bridge.
Loved the spartan warehouse décor concept at Endiro Coffee but scoring the place out of ten for quality of food and service we gave it a resounding zero on both counts.  The staff are much more switched on at the Arabica Café down the road.
Narali’s.  Brilliant.  The Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken, through virtually indistinguishable, left us smiling stupidly in bloated contentment.
Mount Elgon
Don’t know how recently this was, but the cost of climbing the mountain has reduced to US$75 from US$90 which is boosting its popularity.
Rose Last Chance has left the original building and occupies just the one site 100m up the road.  Wagagai Hotel seems to be on its last legs.  It can provide you with a bed – you’ll be the only occupants other than hourly-rate visitors – but nothing else.

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