Uganda Crater Lakes Tours, Fort Portal

Wei Jan Wang writes:

I would like to inform you of a new tour called Uganda Crater Lakes Tours, at Fort Portal.

I visited Uganda in December 2015, where I met Noah, who lives in the Fort Portal area in Uganda. Noah studied tourism and has been working as a tour guide for a number of years. He is fluent in English as well as the local language. I took 2 tours with him, one to the Crater Lakes and one to the local villages, and I was extremely satisfied. Noah has not only good knowledge of the local culture and nature, but his warm personality makes you feel at home straight away. He was also very helpful in booking a local transport for me, and finding a suitable hostel.

While on the tours, we talked about his dream of setting up and running his own tours in the Fort Portal area (at the time he was employed by one of the local eco-lodges). I noted down as much as I could during our talks, and since returning to Sweden, I have been assisting Noah in starting up a webpage, a facebook page, as well as listing his tours on tripadvisor. Uganda Crater Lakes Tours is started by Noah, and below are the links:


The sites are only a couple of months old, and as you can see, there are already good reviews from other tourists as well.




2 thoughts on “Uganda Crater Lakes Tours, Fort Portal

  1. Marina says:

    Hi Wei Jan Wang,

    I agreee with you! We met Noah in January 2016 and can highly recommend him as well.
    Great that you support Noah to place his talent his talent in a right light. Hope I will met him again in November!


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