Kampala Slum Tour

Brandon writes:
We did a slum tour in Kampala with Volunteers for Sustainable
Development. I was skeptical about going on the tour at first when we
were recommended it by fellow travelers. However, it was probably the
best thing we did in Uganda in terms of an experience. We contacted
Salim through the Red Chili hostel.

He gave us a 4 hour tour of the slum and met many locals who his
organization is trying to help, most people are very poor and infected
with HIV, so his charity is doing some great work. We visited a
school, peoples homes and saw how people live in the ‘real Uganda’.
We felt completely safe as Salim has lived in the slum all his life so
he knows the slum like the back of his hand and you could tell from
the reaction of the people he helps that they all think he is a good
guy. The cost of the tour is 30 dollars per person and the money is
used by the organization to help people buy food and start small
businesses with micro credit. There is also an option to sponsor
children to go to school if you want. This really is a great
organization to support and really fits well with your responsible
tourism strategy, notwithstanding that it was a very interesting tour
and a really memorable experience.

For more info email: Volunteers.vfsd@gmail.com or check out


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