News from Busia

Catherine writes:
While getting ready for my trip to Uganda I had many questions concerning the border town of Busia, and very few answers, so here is all the information I gathered;

Busia is, I confirm, a dusty, scruffy border town but….

The Jireh Christian Guesthouse is friendly, basic but clean and rather comfortable as a lodging option.

The Rand hotel also seemed nice but the rooms are smaller and need more upkeep. However the restaurant in the garden is very pleasant and the tilapia was very tasty and beautifully prepared, the staff friendly and the quiet of the garden was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city.
The Maryland Inn also offered a nice meal but is more out of the way.
We spent a pleasant afternoon at the Majanji Beach resort but would not consider it as an option for lodgings, it is quite far from Busia and in dire need of renovation. However a drink or a meal there is quite pleasant, the views are stunning and it is very relaxing.


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