Enjojo Lodge, Ishasha

Patrick writes:
A new lodge (Enjojo Lodge) is about to open (May-June 2015) near Ishasha Gate. It is situated just opposite Ishasha gate, in the valley, approx 2.5 km off the Katunguru-Kihihi road. It is owned and run by a co-Belgian, a Ms Kristine. The lodge is situated  in the savannah bordering the NP and has  6 self-contained thatched bandas and  a cosy restaurant and lounge. There is also a family banda, accommodating two families. There are plans for a swimming pool and camp site.

When I was  last there (April), the bandas were fully equipped ( solar powered, hot and cold running water, great outside showers ) and ready to receive guests. The restaurant (beautiful view on the lake and NP) and kitchen were almost completed. The accommodation and site are really promising. The owner is also making a walkway through the patches of forest and savannah (2 hour walk)

Even though the place was not open yet, I spent three nights in one of the bandas. Great jungle experience: colobus in the trees, elephants bathing in the lake,  topi grazing just in front of the banda, lion roaring in the distance. And this in full comfort and security. Though I was an unexpected visitor, the friendly staff and owner managed to serve excellent meals and ( yes!) cold drinks.

The lodge has a great safari vehicle for 6 passengers, ideal for game drives and excursions.

Prices had not been set yet when I was there, but I was told it was going to be in the mid- price range , which would be excellent news.

In return for the owner’s hospitality I am hosting a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Enjojolodge


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