Sesse Islands Tour Guides Association

Kay writes:

I would like to let you know about a secret gem we discovered and wish to recommend for inclusion in future editions of the book.

While on Bugala island, one of Uganda’s Sesse Islands, we were tipped off by a fellow traveller about the Sesse Islands Tour Guides Association. They offer a range of activities including ecological day walking tours, canoe rides, sunset cruises, bird watching, traditional dance and drama, native fishing excursions, night tours and mountain bike hire.

The company is built on the ethos of giving back and supporting the island’s community. A percentage of profit goes towards educating the islanders in the importance of conservation to ensure the protection of Bugala’s natural beauty. The company also supports local businesses wherever it can to make sure they benefit from tourism.

We chose to do one of their motorbike tours and enjoyed it so much that the very next day we booked to do another. We found it a wonderful way to see the most incredible views of the island, walk deep into the forest, learn about the lifestyle and meet and greet local people. We were able to wind our way through fields of waist high crops, weave through little villages, (ducking under the washing lines as we went!) be taken up hills with some of the most glorious views as well as finding some of the island’s secluded hidden gems.

We found the tour to be completely flexible, and were able to adjust the length and places visited to perfectly suit our needs. It was also far better value than any activities our resort had on offer. We paid only 50,000 shillings for two people for a full half-day tour including petrol.

Our guide was absolutely brilliant, and during two days of our constant questions on everything from ecology to politics there was not a single one he was unable to answer. He was so kind and passionate about preserving the island’s natural beauty and helping its people that we promised to do what we could to help his company along.



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