Fat Cats Backpackers, Kampala

Tom Gill Writes:

Having lived in Uganda for 6 years and bringing in over 200 volunteers a year I have stayed in almost all the backpackers in Kampala and Jinja. My favourite is the new Fat Cats. It is a nice change to be able to book a bed and arrive with out it being given to someone else, have a hostel thats really clean, with actual hot water and even pillows!! Fat Cats have put themselves in an awesome location for either expats or travellers as its surrounded by the restaurants & bars of Kisementi, close to the new Acacia Mall with its wonderful 3D cinema, and far away from all the hustle, bustle and bullshit of Kampala. The guys who run it are all friendly and have loads of helpful knowledge of the local area. We recommend it to all of our volunteers when they come to Kampala and would recommend it to anyone else who asks. For more info visit http://www.fatcatkampala.com

One thought on “Fat Cats Backpackers, Kampala

  1. Kim says:

    Another place to stay close by and very cheap, clean and accessible is Africa Treasure Home near Bukoto heights. It’s run by a lady who has been in the Tourism industry for more than 10 years.
    Jackie offers accommodation to couch surfers and volunteers at 10$ – 40$ per night, the apartments are self contained with a leaving room, 2 balconies and the kitchen is fully vanished so one can prepare his or her own food as they wish. Security is very tight. Give it a try

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