VFSD ‘slum tour’ through Bwaise (Kampala)

Emily writes:

I have just returned from Uganda where your guide came in really helpful with not only planning but the doing part of my trip.
In Kampala I went on a slum tour which was a highlight of my trip and I wanted to let you know about it as the way they improve their situation is through people visiting and completing the tour. It is run through the Volunteers for sustainable development………..and costs $25 dollars per person. it was up there with the gorillas as one of my highlights of my visit.
This is thier email address:
People can go and stay there and help out in fact there was a volunteer from Holland there when we went – it was a very humbling experience. You can also find information on https://www.facebook.com/slumtours
This should really be in your guide book as the thing to go and do in Kampala.


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