Fees for Zika Forest, Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre, Amabere Caves & Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori Mountains NP (p 321)
The book does not specify which category the NP falls under in either the main
section on p 321, or, on the "mini hike" section on p 347. This means that the
reader doesn't know what the park entrance fee is. P 32-33 of the book states that
entrance fees for a category A park (the most expensive) is between US&35 and US$25.
We approached Kabarole Tours (recommended on p 336) and they told us the entrance
fee is US$50 per person. Frustratingly, hiking in the Rwenzori NP was really the
main reason we went to Fort Portal and $35 (what we understood to be the maximum
price of any NP) was pushing our budget. $50 each per day was not a price we were
able to afford. Admittedly, it is possible that Kabarole Tours were trying to cheat
us by inflating the entrance fees to their own benefit.

Amabere Caves (p 346)
The book states that a visit to the caves costs $3 but when we got there we were
quoted Ush25,000 pp ($10). They even produced a laminated card with the prices on
it. Frustratingly, we almost certainly would not have walked all the way out to the
falls if we'd known in advance that it was going to set us back $10 each but felt
compelled pay the price since we'd set aside the better part of a day for this
activity. And for what it's worth, the caves are a joke. How anyone can consider a 5
meter overhang to be a cave is beyond me.

Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre (p 199)
Admission is quoted at Ush20,000 in the book but it was Ush30,000. As an aside note,
I think it's worth mentioning that the "Education Centre" appeared to be little more
than a zoo and some of the enclosures, particularly the Fish-Eagle, Leopard, and
Serval Cat ones, were miserable.

Zika Forest (p 200)
The book states: "A caretaker will have you sign a book and pay a quasi-official fee
of Ush3,000." However, when we arrived we were told the price is Ush10,000 and it is
mandatory to take a guide.

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