Jambo Cafe, Kasese

Bethan writes:
Jambo is a western-style co-operative café that was opened in March 2013 by three Ugandan women under the teaching and guidance of a myself (a British woman living in Kasese).  Jambo serves locally grown “Good African Coffee” in the form of cappuccinos and lattes to the tourists and ex-pats living in Kasese.
It serves cakes such as coffee cake and chocolate brownies as well as fresh cinnamon rolls and croissants, with new baked goods introduced every few months.  You can drink local passion juice or fruit smoothies, eat pizzas, fajitas and guacamole and buy a range of home-sewn souvenirs and even buy or swap books, or use an internet terminal.  It’s an ideal place for networking with other westerners or just whiling away some time in town with a good book and a piece of cake.
The location is next to Epaco pharmacy on Alexander Street round the corner from Virina Gardens about five minutes amble up from the post office.  There have been a few independent reviews on trip advisor too that people could look up.

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