Uganda Reptile Village, Entebbe

Kazibwe Yasin of the Uganda Reptile Village writes:

Uganda Reptiles Village (URV). URV is a Community Based Organization with the MISSION of rescuing, protecting and creating public awareness about
‘living with reptiles’. We are also involved in environmental protection in
bid to save forests, swamps and water bodies which serve as habitats for reptiles.
At URV we have different species of reptiles: snakes, chameleons,

Tortoises, lizards and other wild life.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: all our reptiles are rescued from danger.
URV is located in Bunono village (Entebbe) and our comfortable facilities
attract all types of clientele, ranging from children, students,
communities, tourists and leaders at all level.
The situation of the reptiles in Uganda is worsening every year and am a looking for your help/support to advertise us in your magazine so that we can be visible to tourist in order to help us to boost the sensitization of reptiles in Uganda
More about us please visit our web site


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