News from Masaka

Lenke Slegers writes:

Just want to inform all you independent or other travellers that we have recently opened a new cozy place in Masaka: Plot 99 – Coffeehouse & Lounge.

We offer a fab view, food and real coffee, as well as wifi and amazing service. Profits go to our social projects in Butende, Masaka and Mpembwe, Lwengo.

Open every day except Tuesday:

mon, wed, thurs: 12-10pm

fri, sat, sun: 10am – 10pm

Menu: great coffees, pizza, burgers, curry, pork, chicken, fries, appetizers, english breakfast, fresh juices, cocktails, soda, beer, wine.

price range: between 1 and 10 $

location: just outside Masaka city centre, Kizungu area, near Post office (follow the signs), only 120 km west of Kampala

tel: 256 700 151649

Please dont see Masaka as ‘just’ a travel through town, it has so much more to offer, and new things are set up every month.

F.e. Weaverbird arts camp in Ndgeya, great place to visit, off the beaten track.
Community walks, where you get real life stories from the farmers, you see how coffee, pineapple, cassava and what not is growing, how they re-use plastic bottles for irrigation.
You can do a forest walk and learn about eadible and not eadible things, forestry, caterpillars, birds, have lunch at a beautiful old tree.
Visit local projects, such as Knowledge for Children, who distribute schoolbooks to schools, not donating only but in an equal paying scheme (school and donors), so that after 3 to 5 years the schools are sustainably independant.
A new low budget guesthouse in a familiar setting, sharing food and fun if you want, or leaving you alone if you feel like it, very close to town, with a very nice garden, rabbits, cats and a dog.

You are welcome to the centre of Uganda: MASAKA!


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