Alpha Car Rental

Maraisa Viaggi writes:

During the month May-June 2013 I made, with my husband, a trip to Uganda, in complete autonomy, renting a 4×4 at an agency Uganda.
I would therefore strongly advise and report, the” ALPHA RENT CAR” good rental agency in Uganda, based in Kampala, managed with professionalism and reliability by Mr. Douglas Katumba, ready to provide assistance and advice 24-24h and 7 days on 7
We hired a Toyota 4×4 with rooftop tent and camping equipment. During contacts email, we presented our demands and, upon arrival, we found new equipment and responsive in everything, even more, as required. We have been provided a means well-serviced, that did not cause any problems despite the distance of highly demanding runs
Right now, I think, is the only one of the few agencies based in Uganda, that rents vehicles equipped with roof top tent, a great way to travel and be in a few moments, placed in select areas
For travel independently in Uganda can be rented 4×4 similar also through agencies Kenyan, but the fact should not be underestimated, is that for entry in the National Parks in Uganda is a fee of $150 per car with foreign plate and only $12 per car with Uganda plate
I am available to anyone who wants to get news and information about the trip made. Uganda is a country with a diverse and beautiful land, with a smiling people, polite and eager to help tourists.


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