News from Arua

Gary Nicholson writes:

Hotels which no longer exist :-
Golden Courts
Motel Rippons

Remove Heritage Gardens and replace with following description of Crane Resort Hotel :-
Heritage Gardens and Bamboo Guest House have now been merged to form Crane Resort Hotel and it is located on plot No. 52 Weatherhead Parklane.
It has a storeyed building overlooking Barifa Forest, with 12 self contained, spacious and well maintained rooms with both bath tubs showers and telephone. It is the only Hotel with twin beds in Arua and some of the rooms have double beds while others are single beds. The room rates range from Ushs 41,000 to 55,000 for single and double beds and Ushs 75,000 for twin, inclusive of breakfast. Car hire services are available.

When I arrived in Arua there was a big seminar regarding rehabilitation of boy soldiers and it was very difficult to find a room. The manager of the Crane Resort, Joel Arumadri, was very helpful and phoned many hotels before locating me a room at the Hotel Pacific.

Nightlife :-
Matongi – this is where the better off Aruans hang out. Typical club decor. Prefer the club nearby but can’t remember the name.

Crafts – the area marked on the map has nothing there now.

Note :- there is no Gulu – Arua bus, you have to go back down to Karuma and pick up the Kampala – Arua bus. The map at the front of the guide shows a main road between Gulu and Arua, this is only a dirt road.


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