Withdrawal limit on ATMs

Michael Reeves writes:

I was in Uganda for three weeks in November 2012 travelling all around. In previous visits, I was able to withdraw Ush700,000 three times a day from Stanbic bank ATMs, but now, foreign debit, cash and credit cards are restricted to Ush250,000 per day. I received a reply from Stanbic bank when I wrote to query this and they replied that this was now the maximum daily withdrawl to prevent bank fraud.


5 thoughts on “Withdrawal limit on ATMs

  1. Rebecca Alienne Peterson says:

    I am presently (Jan, 2013) in Kampala and to add to above post, maximum withdrawal is allowed every 24 hours.

    • Andrew roberts says:

      Hi Rebecca I’ve heard that you can draw more daily funds by going to a different stanbic ATM. Have you tried this? This may also have changed of course.

      • Rebecca Alienne Peterson says:

        Hi Andrew, I didn’t look into that actually. I have been venturing up the road from the backpackers to the Stanbic ATM. Am from west coast of Canada, working on an organic wwoof farm in Naggalama and am coming to Kampala for weekends to get online. Do you stay in Kampala?

  2. http://www.primeugandasafaris.com/ says:

    Being a Ugandan citizen and a tour operator, I have faced lots of challenges from this restriction especially when my clients run out of funds but must make an immediate payment.
    But as I always tell them,this is for their/your own good (foreign travelers to Uganda). In the past many people who would loose their visa cards or have them duplicated would loose all their funds to scrupulous people in less than a day.By the time the bank is formed it would always be too late.
    With this arrangement,in case your credit card lands in wrong hands,the loss will be minimal in a day.Please bare with this regulation for the safety of all users of this facility.
    In case you want much cash please go the tellers in person when you have enough cash on you.
    I have advised many clients who wish to have a long stay in Uganda to buy Uganda telephone sim packs and use the mobile money arrangement to avoid inconveniences.With this arrangement, you withdraw all the cash you need for a specific period of time,load it on your card for withdraw when ever you want all through out Uganda.
    WARNING: Please keep your mobile money secret code to your self only for it is the security for your money.

  3. Ian Baird-Smith says:

    Barclays has a much higher limit, we can draw up to 900,000 per day, which may be the limit on our card. I think others have drawn more. Agree with Stanbic comment. Most other banks do not accept foreign cards.

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