Fort Green Tours & Safaris

Lee Ingelbrecht writes:

When I was last in Fort Portal I met some guys who have just started offering guided tours in and around the city. Eventually they took me on a trip for a few days showing me amazing spots and offering me visits to places and people I doubt another tourist ever sees. For example we did walks on km’s of small rural tracks of Fort Portal and the lower Portal Peaks/Rwenzori, seeing lots of local things, especially about plants and agriculture. We also visited a wise old man which was very impressive to me. Other places we did were tea plantations and various sites mentioned in your guide but also real Ugandan life such as a school and a hospital. Since there was a nurse in our company she asked for that and they seem to be able to arrange anything you want to see, quite cheap too. And the places they visit were completely new to me, though I have frequently visited it before.

The company they have is called “Fort Green Tours and Safaris” and they have their head office along the main street between the two roundabouts, in an alley between Andrew’s supermarket and the butcher. They can be contacted through +256 777 638 415, I also got one’s mail adress: Hope you can use this some how because I thought these guys were great, and they do deserve a chance to make their living as they offer, to my opinion, something new and very interesting.


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