Ten Tables, Masaka

Sue of AidChild writes:

Thank you for including our Ten Tables Restaurant in your book. we have had customers find us because of your tour book and they have been extremely gracious in their comments and gratitude for our service and meals. The last three have encouraged us to contact you to include our new lodging and roof top lounge. They would have stayed with us—if they had known we had now had lodging as well as casual and fine dining.

So.. we now have a roof top lounge with unique decor and fire pit…as well as lodging on the second floor. Our guest rooms are newly built with private showers and toilets in each room.small but very clean with great amenities. $15 to $30. All proceeds go to Aidchild—orphans living with aids.

For further details contact info@aidchild.org or visit http://www.aidchild.org


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