News from Mbale & Sipi Falls

Dario Ferroni writes:

– in Mbale, Ridat Hotel changed his name (and the new one is still  not sure, there are 2 or 3 different sign posts on the road) the number we found on the guide belongs now to a person of the previous crew that left the place long ago. anyway the new management is very bad, we had a look at the rooms and it was very lousy, and quite dirty.

– in Sipi Falls we had to go to Twalight Sipi Falls Guesthouse beacause of a misunderstanding for a booking and it was very bad, the roof of the banda we had was leaking al lot and the windows were not locking, the shower piped was blocked… and frankly the welcome was very strange from the staff…they were all deeply on weed and had a weird attitude.

– we tried to reach Bulago village (page 450 of the 6th edition, but we could hardly reach the gorge (that is amazing!) …but after the gorge the road is now worser than deteriorated…we had to retreat.


One thought on “News from Mbale & Sipi Falls

  1. Prime Uganda Safaris says:

    Sorry Dario,that was a bad experience,it is always better you book your lodges through competent tour operators or at least inquire from them about a lodge or hotel you wish to stay in before you book it.Many hotel close,change management,are sold off and roads get seasonally bad/impassable.To avoid such,my advise is the better way to go.

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