mobile phones

Your guide is incredibly useful so thank you. There’s a comment I want to make about MOBILE PHONES. It’s a good idea to get a Ugandan mobile phone when you arrive. You need to get it registered, with a photocopied ID of something like your main passport page. MTN is the preferred Ugandan supplier. Look for a place that does the registration, has a photocopier (unless you’ve brought a photocopy), and sells phones. The cheapest phone is about 40,000 UGX and must be charged nightly.

Fran Devine


One thought on “mobile phones

  1. Diary of a Muzungu (@CharlieBeau) says:

    It’s a very good idea to buy a local SIM card but you shouldn’t need to buy a new phone. Check your phone is / can be ‘unlocked’ before you arrive in Uganda (although phones can be unlocked at ShopRite, Clock Tower, KLA). Other providers include Airtel, Warid , UTL and Orange. Network to network calls are now very cheap. Many ppl have more than one SIM card so if you have Ugandan friends, check which network they are using. Young ppl prefer Airtel and Warid, they have great promos.

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