Ferry from Port Bell to Ssese Islands

The MV Amani does now regular trips between Port Bell and Kalangala (check out www.earthwiseferries.com). She departs every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 8 in the morning and reaches Lutoboga at 11:30. The next day MV Amani returns at 14:00.

Costs of this trip are:

Port Bell – Kalangala Ferry: 20,000 for economy and 50,000 first class (one way).

Special Hire boat to from Kalangala to Banda: 120,000 one way for the entire boat, so the more the merrier (and cheaper!).

Accommodation on Banda: 50,000 own tent, 65,000 and we pitch a tent for you – all prices per night and full board


One thought on “Ferry from Port Bell to Ssese Islands

  1. bandaisland says:

    Unfortunately for travellers who want to visit Banda Island the MV Amani has stopped operation of public transport all together. They are now a charter for sunset (booze) cruises around Murchison Bay (which is in Kampala).

    There are talks of re-instating the public lines and even a new ferry is, as we speak, being assembled.

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