News from Virunga National Park (DRC)

Virunga National Park in DRCongo is experiencing a resurgence in tourism, with more than 3,000 visits in 2011.  Africa’s oldest National Park,  (established 1925) and a World Heritage site, the park stretches over 7,800 square kilometres. Virunga National Park consists of a wide diversity of landscapes ranging from savannas, lava plains, swamps, erosion valleys, forests, active volcanoes and the ice fields of the Rwenzori Mountains. The park also provides a home to numerous species of wildlife, including over 200 of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas, a small population of eastern lowland gorillas and more than 700 different species of bird. With so much diversity in one park, Virunga offers visitors opportunities that can be found in few other places.

There are two options for accommodation within the park, Bukima Patrol Post Tented Camp and Mikeno Lodge. The tented camp is conveniently located at the start of the mountain gorilla trek at Bukima and Mikeno Lodge is nestled amongst virgin forest centrally located 1 hours drive from all the main attractions (for rates please see

Park permit prices are as follows:

$400 Visit Mountain Gorillas

$200 Climb Nyiragongo Volcano (includes spending the night in one of our shelters at the summit next to the world’s largest lava lake)

$100 Trek Chimpanzees

$200 Climb the Rwenzori mountains

Virunga National Park can offer tourists who book one of the above park permits, a  $50 tourism visa, which is valid for 14 days. You can use your tourism visa to enter DRCongo through either the Bunagana (Uganda) or Goma (Rwanda) borders.

To book your trip contact our tourism officer Vianney Harakandi directly on:


Phone: +243 99 1715401

For more information or to organize your trip yourself online go to:

Sarah Bendelow


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