Matoke Tours

Matoke Tours, owned and runned by 3 young Dutch men, is a tour company mainly targeting the midrange market. By using midrange hotels and lodges and midrange transport (4WD and pop-up roof) we can keep down the price, while offering western quality and service. Matoke Tours can also organize tours for budget and high-end travellers as well.

Besides visiting all the established highlights in Uganda, Matoke Tours can offer several “off the beaten track” options, such as overland tours to the Karamajong, Kidepo Valley N.P., Rwenzori Mountains and other places in Uganda that are relatively undiscovered. We have also demonstrated our commitment to sustainable tourism by setting up our own village experience in Kamuli district, and many other initiatives to be found on our website.

On our websites or you can find a wide range of itineraries including many extensions and “off the beaten track’ options. Alternatuively, email us at or

Wim Kok (co-owner of Matoke Tours)


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