Bwindi Gorilla updates

The Bitikura gorilla group split a few weeks back. The five silverbacks fought resulting in the dominant silverback leaving with 7 individuals, 8 in total.

The four remaining silverbacks managed to win one female, their group being 5 in all.

News just in from the guides working in the Ruhija section of Bwindi, the home territory of the two Bitukura groups say that a female in the larger group, the one ruled by the dominant silverback has given birth to a new infant. This take the number in this break up to 9 individuals.
Guides have yet to identify the sex of the infant which is currently healthy and doing well.

The guides are monitoring both groups on a daily basis, however there are no signs that they will re-unite. One of the reasons for the split is because there were too many silverbacks in the band of gorillas. Eventually they split with silverbacks then looking for their own females to start their own families with. This is essential for the biodiversity of the species so that interbreeding does not take place.

Lisa Marsden

Xa!Nini Safaris



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