Joy’s updates

I was happy to have your guidebook accompany me on a recent Uganda trip; I would like to let you know the following: it is virtually impossible to change travellers’ cheques in Uganda; the only place I found was Speke Hotel in Kampala and they took a hefty commission. Best to advise readers to take dollars or use ATM.

I spent a blissful 4 days at Bwindi and stayed at Engagi Lodge. I visited all the others and I think that, for the money, this is the best buy and also has the best viewing area in the dining room area. Silverback Lodge is expensive and looks like a motel.

In Entebbe: you mention Sunset Motel, but I stayed there and I think it is better than you describe; the security is tight and the grounds are quite lovely. The rooms are a bit funky, but it is quite safe and charming in its own way.  I also ate at the Boma twice; the verandah offers a delightful setting for excellent food.

I booked my trip with a small travel company in Kampala which you might want to include in your book – Pearlafric travel, PO Box 1102, Kampala.  Email:;  tel:  256 752 504 301;



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