Rubona Basket Weaver’s Association

Just returned from a trip to Uganda and wanted to highly recommend readers go to RUBONA (20 km south of Fort Portal and 40 km north of Kasese on the Fort Portal-Kasese Rd) to buy very beautifully made, fair-market raffia baskets. There are all types and sizes of baskets and they are expertly woven and dyed with natural plant materials by the Rubona Basket Weaver’s Association (RUBAWA). This is a very successful project that is self-sustaining and contributes to the economic independence of local women. And the baskets are very reasonably priced. You can see the dyeing facilities at the location and speak with some of the people involved as well.

Some of these baskets are sold at Banana Boat in Kampala but there is a much larger selection in Rubona and they are less expensive as well. Get your beautiful souvenirs, save money, visit the remarkable Fort Portal area, and help a worthy project, all at the same time.

They don’t have a website but they act as a supplier for a larger company and there is some information for them here:

Their telephone numbers are 0772 38 54 92 or 0782 56 26 40 and they’re open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday. The lady in charge is Ms. Keller.I hope you can include them in the next edition of the guide.



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