Mityana updates

The Kampala Mityana road is still in an appalling state. Mostly murram or gravel at present 3 hour journey time Entebbe to Mityana at present

In Mityana, the New Highway Hotel is reasonable still with some quieter rooms surrounding a court yard A single room was 16500/= Breakfast around 4000/= A word of caution re the plumbing The tap in the sink in my room spontaneously disintegrated at 2.30am I had to devise a means of tying the top back on with a handkerchief to avoid having to stand for 4 hours holding it on in a mosquito infested room!
Kolping House Still my favourite here as centrally located 11000/= for a room with toilet and shower. Breakfast 4000/= Is very clean and the staff very helpful especially Justin who runs the place

Simon Eyre


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