Straw Bags in Kampala

We were in Kampala a couple of months ago and visited an initiative in Kiniwataka that makes and sell bags made out of recycled drinking straws. They collect the straws from the coco-cola bottling plant, wash and flatten them and women weave them into panels in their homes which are then stitched into really lovely bags of all sizes in the workshop. The project was set up by Benedicta Nabingi and she is keen to sell more and happy to show visitors around the workshop. They are open 9-5 but it may be best to phone before visiting.

Contact details & website are:

Tel +256-41-221332

Mob +256-77-513507 / +256-71-221332 / +256-71-245988


Or you can check out their website here

Joanne Knowles


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