Lodging recommendations

We recently returned from one month traveling in Uganda and we want to recommend two places we stayed in:

Tuhede safari lodge – Kampala – we stayed for 8 nights in 3 times. A very friendly and homey guesthouse. The rooms are convenient and clean. Above everything is the staff, which were very friendly and helpful with anything we needed. We felt like being at home, very safe and well cared. The restaurant of the place is excellent. All the meals from breakfast to dinner were in a very high quality and in reasonable price.

Byoona Amagara – Lake Bunyoni – we stayed for 4 nights. A very peaceful and intimate camp on this island. The deluxe Geo-dome is amazing and we also enjoyed staying  the the wooden cabin. All the different Domes and Cabins are placed in a way that each one of them has its privacy and an amazing view of the lake. The stuff were  friendly and helpful -and gave the place it’s wonderful charm. We have enjoyed a lot the western-like food of Amagara restaurant (especially the French onion soup!). After visiting the well known Bushara camp on the neighbouring Island, we defiantly preferred the small and intimate camp of Amagara.

Ziv & Orit


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