Bwindi baby up-date

Two new babies have recently been born, one to the only remaining female in the Mubare group. (Kashundwe) They have identified that she has a little boy, but not sure how long it will survive due to the females age. She’s around 37 now and was part of the original group which was first habituated in 1991 and later opened to visitors in 93. Second female is in the Habinyanja group. Originally the guides thought the female in question was Binyonko, however it turns out the infant belongs to a female Nybukye. (the problem now that UWA has sent all the older and more experienced guides away, the new guides are unable to identify all the gorillas!) As this infant is still under its mothers belly, no sex has been identified just yet. I’m off with a group next week, so any information you might need please let me know, otherwise I will send you some up-dates on my return in early September.

Lisa Marsden (XA! Nini African Wildlife Safaris)


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