Kalangala updates

Bugala island is very quiet out of season. Although, the wildlife is great and there are still plenty of vervet monkeys and birds to enjoy. We had an excellent walking tour from a guy called Kasim. He knew the island inside out and was an important figure in the community as he also runs the Kalangala Aids Project. The Aids Project has an excellent craft shop in the town centre, with crafts made by children who are beneficieries of the project. I would also not recommend travelling to the island in stormy weather as the only passenger ferry between mainland Entebbe and the island recently capsized.

Also, sadly, the monkey population is on the decline due to the recent arrival of a palm oil plantation.

One general note about the seasons. I was there during the out of holiday season which is between May and August. This is also the rainy season, with July being the worst. However, I found that this did mean I was able to negotiate cheaper deals. For example, I visited Bugala Island in Kalangala  for a couple of nights. This is a major holiday destination for Ugandans and as such, there are many resorts on the beaches of the island. I stayed at the Ssesse Island Resort and, with the help of my Ugandan friend who took me, we were able to negotiate cheap prices for top quality rooms. We paid 50,000 each total for two nights at the resort. The resort has a rather large and incogruous ostrich stolling about the compound.

L Alexander


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