Dewe School of Art, Kajansi

I was living at and volunteering with a project called the Dewe School of Art. This project is down Lutembe Road, from Kajansi, on the shore of Lake Victoria. I would recommend any of your readers to pay the area a visit.

The beach is called Lutembe Beach and is a resort that used to do very well during Amin’s time – there are remnants of a concrete road built to the resort to aid his visits. It is still in operation although a little lower key but it is still a good resort to visit with a restaurant, sky TV, volleyball, swimming pools and lodges. A visitor can also negotiate early morning boat trips out to do some good bird watching on the lake as well. I got one for 50,000 for  a 2 hour trip with 4 people in the boat. We saw a lovely eagle amongst the more regular species and also bought tilapia freshly caught by a fisherman on the lake, which we would have for lunch.

The Dewe School of Art is on the Lutembe Road about 100 meters from the resort in the village of Dewe. The project welcomes visitors who can also negotiate to stay at the project. The project runs regular practical arts activities such as wood carving, pottery, and basket making. These are run by the local people who are happy to teach these crafts. Visitors could just visit for the day, or offer to stay longer and be provided food and shelter in exchange for something like lessons of another sort, such as english, or if not, a donation to the project. I was giving english lessons. Others have helped by building a solar power heater, creating fruit dryers and putting on plays. The women’s group make wonderful crafts from the local banana and palm leaves. They also do a lot to help educate people in the community about sexual health and the prevention of the spread of HIV.

The people are wonderfully kind and welcoming. I stayed here for 4 weeks in total and felt very comfortable and safe. I even got the chance to drive a boda-boda a few times. There’s plenty to see and do in the area and its easy to get to Kampala or Entebbe.

The project is sponsored by a Ugandan who now lives in England and you can find out more about the project at

I see that you’re happy to promote produce from the area in the updates. I’ve brought a load of their products home and I’m hoping to sell them through a local arts shop in Sheffield. You, and readers can see more about these at dewe-school-of-art-wood-carving

My photos are viewable here

I’ve made a couple of videos about the project on my youtube channel

I’m now hoping to do what I can back home to spread the word about what a wonderful place Uganda and the community of Dewe is.

Kindest regards and happy travels

Laurence Alexander


One thought on “Dewe School of Art, Kajansi

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Laurence,
    I am unable to access the websites you have posted. It says “page cannot be found”. Are they under construction? Are you able to give me contact details of the school?
    Many thanks,


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