Cafe Frikadellen, Masaka

We found Cafe Frikadellen in Masaka, Uganda to be a wonderful place to retreat to while volunteering at an area orphanage.  It’s an internet Cafe run by a wonderful couple from Denmark, and features high speed wi-fi, and serves only European/Western dishes.

Cafe Frikadellen (named after a tasty German meatball) is located down a bumpy little side road, in a walled compound with security, and we found the staff consistently friendly, the atmosphere relaxing, and the food preparation up to our high standards of cleanliness and good taste.  During our 5 weeks in Masaka, we were never disappointed here.  They even have a battery back up system for their internet access, so if the power is off in town, you can still surf and e-mail friends back home.

I highly recommend the “Every other Friday night Barbecue” if you’re lucky enough to be there when its being served.  Marinated shish-ka-bobs, home made soup, fresh bread, chocolate cake, etc.  Especially good stuff if you’re starting to grow weary of Matooke and the local food choices!  Prices are very reasonable, and the profits support sponsored children in area schools.

Simply ask any Boda driver to take you to “Uganda Childcare,” whose offices are behind the Cafe in the same compound.  Indoor or shaded outdoor seating are available.

Dan and Danielle
Louisiana, USA


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