Safari feedback

The discount of having my two daughters staying with me was very significant if I stayed at Paraa Lodge (205 USD/night for all three of us – including three meals/day), so that we did. We paid Paraa’s Kampala agent (Marasa Central Reservations) directly and we had Whitecrest to organise a car and a driver. I was later told that Whitecrest is a highly recognised tour organiser – and I will say that they did an excellent job at a really attractive price. We had to pay 100 USD/day (i.e. 300 USD) for the car + driver + pay for the petrol. If others are going on safari I will certainly recommend that they call SimonPeter at Whitecrest.

On our way to Murchinsons we stopped in Masindi and had lunch at the New Court View Hotel. The food was fine and the prices also. But I had to react when I realised that they had added two items which we had not ordered nor received. Judging from the reactions they were aware that the items had been included in error, but still they had presented the bill to me.

Overall, Paraa Lodge was excellent as well. Personally I would have preferred to sleep in a tent and having a much more basic experience rather than this very comfy one we had. But the food and the service are impeccable – apart from in the reception. They managed to screw up my prepaid boattrip (they had booked me on the wrong date and later they double charged me for the trip) and they managed to really screw up the guided safari tour that we have come for. Fortunately both the safari tour and the boat trip were saved – and at least it was obvious that the mistakes were due to sheer incompetence and not some covert attempt of cheating. But still it was surprising since everything else at Paraa was just working so beautifully. Another thing that surprised me was that there was no wireless internet included in the price at Paraa (there only was an expensive pay-option in the evenings).

On our way back to Kampala we stopped at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. A nice stop and even though it is not much you get to see (they were both sleeping – but I really liked that they had received the female rhino from the US and the father from Kenya, and so the boy was called Obama … of course). Anyhow, apart from being a nice break on a long journey, the visit to the Rhino Sanctuary also means that we helped funding the sanctuary which in itself was good.

(Correspondent requested anonymity)


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