Kingfisher Safari Resort, Jinja

Kingfisher Safaris Resort is fine, although the reception staff had certain problems. In particular they had quoted a price which proved to be for Ugandan residents (so the price became appreciably higher – we paid in USD – 104.50 USD per night for a single person). Also, they had explained that they were full, so there was only one of the bigger huts available. Strangely enough this proved not to be correct (only three huts were occupied during our stay). We also had problems with the restaurant. It is possible to order children sizes (which are still very big) and so we did for my daughters. Apparently the chef had not been duly informed by the waiter – and so they insisted that we should pay full price.

The first morning in Jinja I ran to the dam and watched three pelicans in the water. I was called upon by a kind of guard who angrily told me that I was not allowed to stand still on the dam – and he also asked whether I had a camera. Wearing running shorts etc. it was rather obvious that I had no camera and so he simply told me to leave. There are no signs prohibiting people from standing still or from taking photos. The same day we walked into Jinja – a fairly long walk for my daughters. In Jinja we had lunch (sandwhiches) at indulge which was fine. And then went down to the Nile to get a boat for a small trip and to cross back to Kingfisher.

At Kingfisher my daughters enjoyed the pool. Many people come in during the weekend to use the pool so it is quite lively. In the evening they started the pizza oven which was good. The breakfast is also fairly good (included). However, it was less good that they do not take any credit cards, but only cash (but we managed).

(Correspondent requested anonymity)


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