Lions at Lake Mburo

Mihingo Lodge. We have stayed there before and loved the chalet and its balcony etc., The space is enormous and the food excellent. We had no complaints at all. However it is a long way from the central area and this is a drawback unless you partake of the ‘activities’ on offer at the Lodge such as Horseriding and Quadbiking (Ugh!).

There are now Lions in this Park, we found Pugmarks and heard ‘singing’ at night. How long they will survive the Nomadic Cattle men’s poison is anyone’s guess but the Rangers did seem concerned to protect them.

We took a boat trip and walking safari with an excellent Ranger/Scout named Moses. Do ask for him if birds are your hobby as he is the only Ranger with this interest. He actually got us along the Riverine Forest Ruizi track for the first time in six visits. With his help we found several notable birds such as ShoeBill, Whitebacked Night Heron, Finfoot of course and my first Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher.

There is another Lodge now as Acadia Cottages (same as Bunyoni) have opened 8 bungalows. This is located a short distance south of the main Rwonyo Camp in Acacia groves. Many Bushbuck and Warthog and smaller critters appeared quite relaxed around guests. They looked very nice when we called and the Mess/Bar/Restaurant area was attractive. Menus on blackboards looked encouraging. Charges $120 for double $80 single.

Fred Hodgson


2 thoughts on “Lions at Lake Mburo

  1. Lisa Marsden says:

    I visit Lake Mburo frequently on my Uganda travels, using both Mihingo (more up-market) and Mantana Tented Camp. (which now has flush toilets)
    The latter has by far the best location within the National Pakr, with a spectacular hill behind the lodge where one can watch the sunset and see the lake in its entirity. Unfortunately and as you have commented, Mihingo lies just outside of the park and its a far stretch to reach the game rich part of the park.

    Game is more abundant in the middle of the park and in its quite common to be able to get quite close to the swamp which is filled with amazing birdlife, buffalo, hippo and the very rare sitatunga antelope. its the only time I have ever seen a sitatunga lazing on the banks on the swamp.

    Having said this, I have witnessed over 30 majestic Eland drinking at the water hole below Mihingo’s super sunset deck.

    I have never quite understood why UWA allowed quad bikes in this park. The noise of the billowing Ankole cows is quiet enough, but the bikes just shatter the tranquility of what a National Park is all about.

    Moses is one of the best guides I have accommanied, his knowledge and passion for wildlife and the bush is great. Pre book him if you are able, as its worth getting him for a guided walk.

    Breaking one’s journey at Lake Mburo N.P. is well worth it.

  2. Roger Theobald says:

    Our all-too-brief stay in early July 2010 at Mantana Tented Camp (where we enjoyed the newly enstalled flushing loos!) and visited to the park confirmed that Lake Mburo is a place to stay, not just somewhere to break a journey. We had excellent views of game and one of our group reported hearing lions roar overnight. The birding was splendid, with about 60 species recorded in about five hours – the most special, for us, being Brown-chested Lapwing, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Red-headed Lovebird, Madagascar Squacco Heron and, of course, African Finfoot. The view from Mantana were exquisite and we were well looked after. We certainly would return.

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