Gorilla tracking permits on the spot

Thanks to Wild Frontiers for passing on the following news:

The Nshonge group of gorillas (a group of over 30) split into two groups. On the ground Uganda Wildlife Authority are now selling ON THE DAY for cash, permits for the ‘breakaway’ group – at the same price, ie USD 500.

For now, you are not able to buy these in advance via head office.

Nshonge gorillas are the newest group for trekking at the Nkuringo end of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.


3 thoughts on “Gorilla tracking permits on the spot

  1. Lisa Marsden says:

    The silverback Mishaya has left with another 9 individuals. Guides are busy studying the group to find out who has left with him. Its a variety of females, sub-adutls, juveniles. A total of 10 gorillas have split. The new break away group will be the back-up group for when the Nyakagazi gorillas from Mgahinga Gorilla N.P. or the R group from Bwindi cross over the border and cannot be trekked. Hence the reason as to why the permits are being sold on the day.

    Love your Bradt Travel guides – I advertised because its the most phenomenal book and your info re Uganda is spot on. Thanks Philip

  2. philipbriggs says:

    Lisa emailed to say :

    The “Mishaya Group” as its now been called, was officially opened to
    visitors today. This is the name of that splinter group.
    Permits still being bought “on the ground”.

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