Overland from Bukoba (Tanzania) to Masaka

Road to from Bukoba to Mutakula on the border is new and first class with almost no traffic. Takes 1 hour.

Emigration office is on north side of Kagera River at Kyaka. (Immigration office is just inside border at Mutakula)

Ruins of church on hill just south of bridge is where Idi Amin had his last stand before being surrounded by Tanzanian troops and routed.

No hassle at border. $50 visa may be paid in Ugandan shillings. Helps to have newspaper with up to date exchange rate as they have at times pleaded ignorance of exchange rate.

Kyotera, 45 km north has couple of decent simple hotels for overnighting if coming south or meal (main dish Ush5000)

Seronera Hotel, 077673619, single 21,000,double 31,000 to 41,000UgSh

Road to Masaka  (2 hours) reasonable with a few potholes.

Stayed at Hotel Zebra, single 37,000, double 67,000 but rather dark and facing cliff wall, double with balcony 83,000. Reasonable buffet.

Road to Masaka being extensively upgraded, large sections now finished.

Just after Lyantonde (90 min) is new Sky Blue Hotel /Restaurant on right.

Fast friendly service with clean toilets. Main dish 3,000 –10,000.

Better than our experiences with Nyendo takeaway on the Masaka bypass where service was poor.

Rupert Gude


2 thoughts on “Overland from Bukoba (Tanzania) to Masaka

  1. Felicia says:

    Hi Rupert/Philip,

    I am planning a trip that includes a gorilla trek (Bwindi, UG) then a safari in the Serengeti (starting in Arusha/Mwana, TZ) in June 2010. We’re on a pretty tight schedule and budget so any advice on (1)the time it will take (2)if it’s easy/possible/reliable to catch public transport (3)if we have to book in advance (4) the ease of getting a visa into TZ (5) anything else you think would be helpful 🙂 — would be really helpful.

    Option 1: Overland and ferry:
    Bus from Bwindi to Masaka, (one day) –> Bus Masaka to Bukoba (one day) –> Overnight ferry from Bukoba to Mwanza (depending on if we make it on the days the ferry’s running- we may take the bus if we miss the ferry (1 day)).

    This is the option I prefer (I’d love to take the ferry) but I heard this route is pretty challenging if we’re working on a tight schedule.

    Option 2: Overland via Nairobi
    Bus from Bwindi to Kampala (one day) –> Bus from Kampala to Arusha via Nairobi (~1 day?)

    Option 3: Via air. I’m looking for tickets from Entebbe to Arusha. Do you have any recommendations on who offers the cheapest flight?

    Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated!



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