Fort Portal & surrounds

Excellent road from QENP to Fort Portal. Stayed at Eriiba Guest House, no sign, about 1 km on the right after turning at Mountains of the Moon Hotel behind large wall and gate. No one had heard of the Guesthouse but they did know where the Professor lived. Architect designed house with splendid octagonal living room. Magnificent view from garden. Lovely rooms with beautiful bed. Very interesting couple (Prof Edward and Mrs Phoebe Rugumayo, 0772451662, 0712446304) 70,000 for B and B plus Rooibus tea and homemade cake in the evening.

Previously stayed at Rwenzori View Guesthouse, nice rooms, interesting garden but no view as hemmed in by mature trees. Excellent 3 course meal round large table with all the guests. Double 90,000Ush, single 70,000Ush which seems a bit overpriced. Supper 20,000. English/Dutch owners with interesting tales.

Ate at Gardens Restaurant twice. They must have taken notice of your comments as food came within 15 minutes each time. Good African menu.

Road to Semliki NP in good condition, one and half hours, 2 hour walk $20 for two. Pleasant easy walk through forest to hot springs with a few birds about.

Fastest Internet in Fort Portal we found was at top of main street opposite GAPCO. Statue of old Portal seems to have gone!

Rupert Gude


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