Accommodation at Ishasha & Mweya (QENP)

Isasha (QENP). Again had not been able to book bandas either through UWA (email, no reply) or by contacting park (no phone contact). Subsequently they said number was 0774230938 and 0772625125. They were full up so had to stay at the new camp River Ntungwe River Camp (almost opposite entrance to Ishasha). There are covered tents with comfortable beds, nowhere to put clothes or luggage and good washing area attached. Food was very mediocre, no better than restaurant at L Mburo.

They were asking $120 per person full board. We negotiated them down to 160,000Ush HB for two as Volunteers. I still think this was excessive considering that it was not in the reserve, has small tents and mediocre food.

Stayed at Mweya Hostel. 84,000 double, 67,000 single. A firm favourite. Some rooms by reception are definitely substandard but number 7,8,9 and 10 are pleasant, simple, clean with basin and shared shower and toilet. The showers used to be fed by tank on roof so they had slightly warmed water. They have fitted electric showerheads, which now produces hot water but only a trickle and no cold so impossible to have a decent shower. Better with previous system. We found food consistently good on four different visits. We like the Tembo canteen as a place to while away the midday heat. Excellent fish cakes if you have an hour or so to wait while they are prepared.

Visited new ‘hotel’ on northern boundaries of Park about 2 km down the road to Congo. We felt the rooms were overpriced and of poor construction. Pity they laid out the restaurant so no view over the Rift valley. Toilets inadequately maintained.

Rupert Gude


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