Kampala, Mbale & Jinja updates

I just returned from volunteering in Mbale (half a year) and would like to share my experience:

I stayed in St. Andrew’s Community Centre whose services I can recommend wholeheartedly. For the swimming pool I would go to Mount Elgon Hotel which in my opinion is a much nicer place than Mbale Resort. The food is enjoyable in both places whereas Sunrise Inn only knows how to prepare local dishes. The Indian cuisine at Landmark Inn and Nurali’s Café is ok, but much more expensive than in your guide. On your blog, the closure of Oasis of Life was already mentioned, I also have never found the East Nile Restaurant or the Serve Supermarket. For the next edition of your guide these can be omitted; I would also recommend to use the name Wanale rather than Nkokonjeru which I have never come across during all these months.

One day, I also went to the Source of the Nile where the entrance fee for Foreigners is now 10’000 USh – definitely not worth the view you can get anywhere on Lake Victoria.

Otherwise, I regularly spent weekends in Kampala where Jeliza Hotel turned out to be a better place to stay than Hotel City Square due to friendlier staff and better breakfast (and I would stay in the cheap rooms without TV for 30’000 USh). I also tried Pearl Guesthouse in Kabalagala, but the service was very bad. The worst restaurant I’ve ever been was Mamma Mia and I would strongly recommend anyone who really wants to eat pizza and not some flavoured card-chapati to go to the Mamba Point Pizzeria on Lumumba Avenue which is as recommendable and reliable as the Mamba Point Restaurant on Akii Bua Road. Café Roma in Muyenga also gets very close to this standard.

On p. 143, I found a mistake on your map: A street is labeled “Shimoni” which is simply the continuation of Nile Avenue to the City Square. And the Kyoto Restaurant I was looking for is no longer at Shimoni Road anyway, but moved to Centenary Park. When I finally found it, they neither had fish sushi nor miso soup available so I think it’s probably more reasonable to forget about Japanese cuisine in Uganda. However, if you’re determined to have the real sushi experience, better go to the Bonsai Pyramids Restaurant in Muyenga (opposite Café Roma); it is run by a very friendly Egyptian who gets the Salmon daily all the way from Norway (not very sustainable for your wallet as well as the environment , I guess).

The best nightclub in the city centre is now probably Steak Out on Lumumba Avenue. The best music, however, I found in Kabalagala’s Capital Pub (but also the most agressive prostitutes). I don’t think it’s worth going to Ange Noir unless you prefer being indoor and listening to the same type of music all the time. Cineplex can no longer be found at Wilson Road but only in the Garden City shopping mall (still the best, although Nakumatt in the new neighbouring Oasis shopping mall has a better selection than Uchumi).

I hope this is helpful for some,



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