Fiona Bardsley’s updates

Hi Philip, have just got back from a fab trip to Uganda with a company I found through They are called Uganda Wildlife Adventure and Tours Ltd, their website is email They are a smallish wholly Ugandan run company. The Guide Emmanuel and Driver Geoffrey, I had for my trip [which was their ‘gorilla and chimp safari’] were wonderful really informative and helpful. Rachel was my email contact and met and saw me off and the CEO is Peter Kalisiti Hakwa.

The guide book was invaluable too although a couple of new things I should point out

On our drive back to Kampala from Bwindi we stopped off at Ruhija, which has come on from when the guide was printed. They now do Gorilla tracking from there. The habituated group is group B and has about 12 members which are usually not to far from the starting point. There is also a beautiful new lodge callled Ruhija Gorilla Lodge Bwindi its contact details are as follows Office +256 414 503065; +256 712 187411; +256 756 000598 fax +256 414 50364
The location has fanastic views over the landscape and is a short drive to the start point for the gorilla tracking.

The map on p226 227 Kigezi & main approach roads to BwindiNP is also a bit out of date. The section from Ruhija through the NP is in very good condition and the road from leaving the NP at the Ndego gate to Ikumba is no worse and I would say it is better than the road to Buhoma. Also they are tarmacing from Ikumba to Kisoro and Ikumba to Kabale. So although you probably would be better off in a 4×4 this is an easier route than that to Buhoma and might be a good alternative site to see Gorillas from.

I stayed at the Kibale Primate Lodge and the upgrades have taken place. I stayed in a banda which was great but they have lovley settings for their ‘tree houses’ which are each in their own fairly secluded spots too. The food also was fabulous a really good standard and also lovely staff.

Hope this information of of use.
It is a beautiful country and would recommend anyone to make the trip.


One thought on “Fiona Bardsley’s updates

  1. Robin says:

    I just returned from a safari trip to Murchison Falls with the Backpacker’s Hostel. The staff were friendly and helpful, but I was very disappointed in their choice of vehicle for the safari-A bus with fold up seats so there was no aisle the length of the bus. We continually got stuck in the mud and had to re-schedule our morning safari. The lack of an aisle made it impossible to move to take pictures of animals. If you’re in Uganda and are choosing between Red Chili and Backpackers for your safari, go with Red Chili. Everyone I’ve spoken to had good things to say about Red Chili trips.

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