BJ’z Bar, Gulu

On a recent trip to Gulu, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across the newly opened BJ’z bar and restaurant. Nestled in senior quarters, a stones throw away from the Acholi Inn towards Gulu University; it provides a quiet haven during the day to sip away a cappuccino whilst using quite possibly the fastest wireless internet in Gulu!! The kitchen provides a high quality menu with an array of continental food, and I had delicious pan fried pork which I would definitely recommend! In the evening, the bar comes alive with a unique lively yet relaxed atmosphere to party away the night. My friends and I whiled away several nights sipping on cocktails and listening to the first class DJ playing every type of music possible!! The bar has managed to attract an extremely diverse crowd, which guarantees a great night, with locals and visiting NGO workers alike. The success of the bar can only be attributed to the two owners, who take great pride in their bar, and ensuring that service is to the highest standard. They can always be found round the bar, chatting to customers, and making it their priority to ensure everyone is happy and having a good time. To find such a well stocked, friendly bar providing amenities such as DSTV, pool table and the ever popular Thursday night quiz was an absolute joy. If passing Gulu, it is imperative you visit BJ’z. Whilst recharging your batteries, it is guaranteed that you will also enjoy a great night out!

Sarah Carter


2 thoughts on “BJ’z Bar, Gulu

  1. Tyson says:


    Couldn’t agree more. BJ’z is such a great place to hang out. I also enjoy the Coffee Hut, Cafe Larem (they have ice cream), Abissyna Ethiopian and Sankofa Cafe (best pizza in Uganda). If your readers are coming through Gulu, I recommend they use a site called to book their Gulu hotel online. We’re committed to making trips to Gulu easier.

    Thanks for your updates!

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