Tooro Botanical Gardens, Fort Portal

if you’re on your way from Kampala to Kibale, the Tooro Botanical Gardens in Fort Portal is worth a stop and is conveniently located on the main road from Kampala.

This wonderful public garden is a unique environment where a variety of flowers, medicinal plants vegetables and fruits are grown. It is a magical place to wander around, taste locally grown fruits and vegetables and get to know the rich biodiversity of the region. Especially birds find a favourable environment here. We especially enjoyed the new built tree-houses there. From may on there will be signposted walking trails as well, so we were told.

A visit to the Garden is free, but a guided tour costs only 5000 USH, and the guides were very experienced. They have a new website at : where all the information is to be found.

Something off the beaten track, but worth the stop.
Tom 23/4/2009


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