Arcadia Cottages, Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo NP:
An alternate place for meals other than the restaurant by the lake is Arcadia Cottages which is nearby. There is no need to be a guest at the cottages to have meals there. Meals are more expensive, but well worth it. We had a fantastic full breakfast consisting of fresh fruit, eggs of your choice, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, beans, fried tomatores, nice bread with real butter, coffee (instant) or tea. Price 10,000 ugx. Fabulous service as well.

Annie Feeley Sept 08


4 thoughts on “Arcadia Cottages, Lake Mburo

  1. Bob Greenberg says:

    We stayed at Arcadia cottages at Lake Bunyonyi for two days in January 2010. The cottages were very comfortable and clean,and the staff were most helpful. The in-room satelite television arrangement is odd; the entire property only receives one channel at a time, so everyone watches whatever the person with the controller in the bar wants to see. But we weren’t in Uganda to watch TV, so no bother.

    As for meals, the breakfasts were fine, but the dinners were only adequate at best. Some of the entrees were smothered in sweet sauces, and even the crayfish curry, which was otherwise very good, seemed to have a lot of sugar added to the recipe. The ambience in the dining room is cold, with bare walls and floors, and the lighting comes from a few bare bulbs. It’s not awful, but it’s also far from being the rumored “best food in Uganda” as mentioned in the guide.

  2. George Byomuhumuza says:

    We stayed at arcadia cottages for 2 nights last year in July and the service was fabulous,the food,staff,we all enjoyed it.The place has an added advantage as animals come within the camp and it is amazing to see wildlife just as close.

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